We stock a range of chemicals for pools and spas from Zodiac and Lo-Chlor

Maintenance is a key responsibility for owners of any swimming pool or spa. Water quality is incredibly important, and Country Foam and Rubber stock an extensive range of swimming pool chemicals in Tamworth, NSW.

From chlorination to cleaners, we are a dealer for all of the major Australian swimming pool chemical suppliers, allowing you to stock-up on those all-important chemicals for your spa or pool to keep the water in perfect bathing condition.

We stock swimming pool test kits in Tamworth and have all of the swimming pool chemicals you will need to strike a healthy balance.

You may need hydrochloric acid, buffer and dry acid for balancing out your Ph levels. We stock chlorine in both liquid and granular forms, as well as stabliliser chemicals which will help prevent the sun from removing chlorine from your pool or spa, and maintain good Ph and Chlorine levels.

Our line of algicide chemicals will help you remove unwanted algae from your swimming pool or spa, while we also have bromine tablets to assist with sanitisation of spas and hot water pools and salt tablets if you’re after a salt water feel to your water.

You can pop-in to our showroom in Tamworth to view many of the products that we stock, and speak to our experienced team about which chemicals you should be using, how often, and in what quantities.

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