High quality foam products

Here at Country Foam and Rubber, we can cut foam to any size so that you require, whether it’s for a chair, a lounger or anything else you have in mind. Our team can also advise on the best uses for foam, and which types of foam you should be opting for.

We carry an extensive range of Dunlop foam mattresses in Tamworth, NSW, and many other foam-based bedding products alongside this. Our foam mattresses are available in almost every size imaginable, including single, double, queen and king. We also stock specialist sizes for caravans including a caravan double.

In addition to foam mattresses, Country Foam and Rubber also stock a range of Dunlop foam overlays, including memory foam overlays and latex overlays, as well as foam pillows.

Rubber specialists

Our range of rubber products meet the requirements of many people. We stock premium rubber that can be used for horse floats and stable trailers, providing a firm yet padded base. Our rubber is also used for automobile and industrial split belting and in checker plates.

Country Foam and Rubber can supply rubber Rare Spares in Tamworth, be it for stable boxes or automobiles.


 Dunlop Eva Foam




We can provide rubber for the following:

 Horse Matting

 Insertion Rubber

 OH&S Matting

Road Gear

Ute Matting

sapphire spas
Magna Pools
Sterns Pools